Developing for the User: Usability, Accessibility and Inclusion

Coding and Development
Content Strategy
Designing and Theming
Audience experience level: 
Zayira Jordan & Ann Greazel

Ever heard, “Make sure the website is accessible!” and wondered how exactly to do that? This session will describe some Universal Design principles and methodology related to accessibility.

We will show how you can empathize and develop in a way that will enhance the web experience for all users including those who use assistive technologies. Topics of our conversation will include:

  • The definition of accessibility – What is accessibility? How does it relate to the web? 
  • Why we care about accessibility – Why is accessibility so popular lately?
  • Where to find official web accessibility standards – What are some guidelines to follow? What is the priority?
  • Simple steps to improve accessibility on your website – What are some ways to improve your site today?
  • Demonstrations of free online tools to test web accessibility – What free tools exist to help show website accessibility ratings?
  • How to relate accessibility concepts to your own team – What are some activities to bring back to the office and get people motivated to learn about accessibility? 

We look forward to meeting with you!