The Paragraphs Cake - Structured & Layered Content Chunk Goodness

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Eric Sembrat

Drupal and field chunks have always been on the top of the 'to-do' and 'want' lists for content editors and site builders. We've seen lots of solutions come up over the years: field_group, field_collection, entityreference - all of which take an angle of the field chunks needs. 

Paragraphs, a recent newcomer to the arena of field chunks, solves the riddle of "how do we make field_collection both scalable and flexible to meet the ever-expanding needs of long-form and multi-layout pages?".

In this presentation, I'll go over:

  1. The history of fieldable chunks - What is the idea? What modules came before Paragraphs? How does Paragraphs fit a niche need?
  2. How Paragraphs works - installation, setup, and usage from end-user and content editor. The 30,000 foot view of Paragraphs inside and out.
  3. Extending Paragraphs - Going one step further with Paragraphs and extending its design for some particular use-cases.
  4. Cases - Finally, looking at community to see how Paragraphs is used.