Multiplier effect: case studies in distributions for publishers

Coding and Development
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Jon Peck & Courtney Yuskis

Join members from both Four Kitchens and Meredith Agrimedia as they discuss the experience of migration and relaunch of the digital presence of two magazines: Successful Farming at and WOOD Magazine at

We'll start by discussing the scope of the projects, delve into the commonalities and differences, explore their common advertising and analytics implementation, and analyze the unified distribution that supports both brands. By developing the infrastructure simultaneously, brand-agnostic functionality became a priority which in turn created a more modular and flexible system that facilitated open-sourcing and cross-organizational sharing. Thanks to the codebase approach and experience, the first site took about 6 months and the second took less than 6 weeks.

Audience: engineers who want to learn how to plan and structure their sites and project managers and product owners looking to maximise efforts.

About the speakers

Jon Peck (FluxSauce) is an Architect at Four Kitchens and a author with 13 courses on development. He’s spoken at Drupal Con 2016 New Orleans, Drupal Con 2015 Los Angeles, and dozens of Drupal Camps across North America about performance, site auditing and deployments. He’s also the author of multiple Drupal utilities, including site_audit, generate_errors, feeds_import_io, and a co-author of the first version of the Pantheon command-line utility. He's also got a beard.

Courtney Yuskis is the Digital Engagement Director, overseeing the digital infrastructure for Successful Farming, Living the Country Life, and related brands. She has participated on multiple panels and organized summits related to digital strategy and advertising opportunities.

About the organizations

The Meredith Agrimedia™ ( brand builds on over 110 years of heritage serving the information needs of rural and farm families. It serves as the umbrella brand for multiple properties, including Successful Farming®, Living the Country Life®,, Country Gardens® and Ageless Iron®. Meredith Agrimedia provides marketing solutions by engaging those living on the land, whether they are landowners or those earning their living off the land.

Four Kitchens ( is a design and development consultancy in Austin, Texas, that makes big websites using open source software. We serve a sophisticated and specialized clientele looking for a trusted, skilled partner to realize and exceed their goals. We do it all: design, usability, information and systems architecture, development, and project management are all handled in-house by our talented team of Web Chefs. Four Kitchens' reputation as a leader in the open-source community has earned us invitations to train and speak at numerous conferences around the world.